Happy Onam 2015 Pictures HD wallpapers, History, Wishes, Quotes and SMS

happy onam images

Happy Onam 2015 Images HD wallpapers, Wishes, Quotes, History and SMS:

Onam History:

Onam is celebrated in the memory of King MahaBhali and his rule. Onam comes in the Malayali month, Chingam and it is celebrated for ten days. People call Onam festival as the “Harvest Festival“. The first day of celebration is called “Atham”. And the last day is called “Thiruvonam”. About Mahabhali, he was born as an Asura, but his grandfather Prahlada raised him, a good person just like him. King Mahabhali himself an devotee of Lord Vishnu.

King Mahabhali transformed his kingdom greatly. He conquered all the three worlds- underworld, earth and heaven.Feared of his intelligence and acuity, Devas appealed to Lord Vishnu, as there was no place for them and they were  humiliated by Asuras. Meanwhile, King Mahabhali was celebrating his success . His mentor SukraCharya advised MahaBhali to conduct Ashawamedhayagam, to become the True ruler of all the three Worlds. So Mahabhali announced that he was going to offer anything asked of him, for who makes the yaga a great success. To check his trustworthiness, Lord Vishnu himself disguised as a brahmin, Vamana and he accomplished the Yaga. Being a benignant ruler and a happy person after the yaga, Mahabhali asked Vamana (Lord Vishnu) of his wish. Vamana asked for some land which he could measure with his three footsteps.

Even after he perceived something fishy about Vamana’s wish, Mahabhali didn’t want go back of his word. Lord Vishnu revealed himself from Vamana and grown to a giant whose height was above the clouds. He measured all of the earth in one footstep and the space with the second footstep and  as there was no place for the third footstep, Lord Vishnu put his third on  Mahabhali’s head and sent him down to the Underworld. But Lord Vishnu was very happy with Mahabhali, so he granted him a boon. Mahabhali loved his people very much so he asked permission to visit his people once in a year. Legend says Mahabhali visits his people during Onam and the place where Lord Vishnu set his third step is believed to be Thrikkakara in the state of Kerala.

During Onam, people welcome Mahabhali wearing new clothes and sharing sweets and rising festival lights. Plus, greet people Onam with HD wallpapers here…! Happy Onam in Advance!

Happy Onam Images:

Here you can find Onam Pictures:

happy onam images happy onam images happy onam images happy onam images happy onam images happy onam images

Happy Onam wishes and Greetings:

Here you can find Onam wishes and greetings.

onam wishes

onam wishes

onam wishes

onam wishes

onam wishes

onam wishes

  Pookolam Image:

onam wishes

onam wishes

Happy Onam Quotes:

Wishing you a striking, impressive, prosperous, euphoric, upbeat and powerful Onam!
Keep the spirit of Onam in your souls.
Strength you’re home be stacked with joy, worship and peace.
Energetic Onam!

Might the shading and
lights of Onam fill
your home with happiness
furthermore, fulfillment. My heartful
wishes on Onam.

To my stupendous colleagues,
I’m assuming that this Onam festivity be the start of your extraordinary and prosperous life.
Mess around with your team!
Affection parts!

I hope you like thse quotes very much. Lets go for happy Onam SMS (Messages)

Onam Messages:

Aishwaryavum, Samridhiyum Niranja
nalla nalukal ennum undavatte
Oppam manassil snehathinte oru Nalla Onavum !
Merry ONAM !

Might the spirit of Onam stays everywhere
Whatever you do,
Whatever you think
Whatever you confide in your life
“Wish you a Happy Onam”

Might God support you and fill your heart with ecstasy & delight. Might the shading and lights of Onam fill your home with fulfillment and satisfaction. Have the most eminent Onam.

I’m wishing you to have the best and best Onam festivity this year.
Have a cheery Onam with your family and associates!

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